Earth's Travel Guide for Aliens

look at physical features that will blow your mind!

On planet Earth there are three important things you will need to know before embarking on your journey, 1. the Earth is divided into seven sections called continents Europe, North America,South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica 2. the Earth is divided into climate zones, the closer you are to the middle/equator the warmer you will be, the closer to the top and bottom of the Earth/poles the colder you will be 3. the Earth is divided into time zones, in one place it is the middle of the day, another everyone is asleep because it is night. Other than that have fun and don't abduct people.

Mt. St. Helen Washington, the mountain that blew its top

See the mountain that's famous for doing a eruption that was so big that it didn't only damage everything around it, it also exploded its top.

Even though it became historic for its mega explosion the eruption sadly killed many humans in the blast.

If you plan to go to Mt. St. Helen you should probably pack boots [one for each foot or tentacle], food, some form of light, a knife, something to drink, and sun protection, however even if you pack all these things you still can't change the fact that At Mt. St. Helen there is no water overlook site, or Harmony falls look out area, however it does have a picnic and boating area and many more things to keep you entertained.

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The North Pole, Top of the Earth

One of the coldest places on earth could be one of the most useful, with oil under all that ice many humans are trying to claim and mine the helpful surprise we have found. Canada, America, Russia, Norway and Denmark are all competing for the oil in the North Pole, But that's not the only benefit that this cold desolate place proves to have, for years people have melted the ice from the North Pole to water their crops. However the North Pole isn't all gain and no pain, problems still arise, for example the glaciers in the North Pole can cause avalanches or floods, one main problem, and also the reason humans haven't found the benefits of the North Pole sooner is that the temperature is below zero and almost inhabitable so next to nothing lives there. Because of the extreme cold if you plan to go to the North Pole you should pack warm, thick coats and warm clothing are crucial to include, but backpacks of high durability, and sunglasses to keep of glare will also be useful. But in order to kick your experience up a notch you will want to pack dye so that you can decorate the snow and a board so that you can slide down the snowy,slippery hill. Most importantly HAVE FUN in the North Pole.
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Death Valley California, a Killing Adventure

Death Valley isn't going to kill you like the name suggests it is actually a very interesting place, with 17 species found there that are no where else on Earth and the fun experience it is a wonderful location to push past your fears and enjoy life. However I won't lie, there are poisonous snakes, spiders, and scorpions in Death Valley so WATCH OUT!!! With that forewarning don't forget to pack first aid, but that's not all you'll need to pack, also include warm clothes for cold nights, sun glasses, water, rain cover, and sun screen or sun protection. If you are looking for the best way to spend your time in Death Valley then I would suggest going to Devils Golf Course to golf, see a almost extinct species of snails, and see some salt sculptures that people have made there, but even if you don't go to Devils Golf Course then at least don't forget to enjoy your trip!!!!!
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