Miss DaMommio's Texas History

Parent Newsletter - Introduction 2013

Dear Texas History students and parents,

I could not be more excited about our year together! This year we will be learning about the geography, history, government, and economy of the great state of Texas and correlations with U.S geography, history, government, and economy. I strongly believe in meeting students where they are and setting goals that will push you to give your best effort and think on a higher level. Our class will be challenging and exciting – I expect you to come into class each day with a positive attitude and high expectations for yourself and for me as your teacher!


Miss DaMommio

About Miss DaMommio

  • Texas A&M University - Class of 2012
  • Master's of Education student at Dallas Baptist University
  • Attended North Junior High from 2002 - 2004
  • Huge fan of the Aggies, Texas Rangers, Diet Coke, and history!



You must bring the following to class with you EVERY day:

- Interactive Notebook

- Pen/Pencil

- Map Pencils

Our Class Rules

1. Be respectful – of your teacher, your peers, and your school.

2. Work diligently – give your best all day, every day.

3. Ask for help when you need it – don’t wait until the last minute!

Classroom Consequences

1. Warning

2. Lunch Conference

3. Before/After School Conference

4. Office Referral

Absent Work

- Absent work is located in the "While You Were Out" crate on top of the AC unit.

- As a student, YOU are responsible for pulling the work you missed out of that week's folder.

- Make-up work allowances and due dates will follow the RISD student handbook policy.

Late Work

- 1 day late = 30 point penalty

- 2 days late = 50 point penalty

- 3 days late = Referral to the North ZAP Program

Tutoring Times

- Tuesday before school

- Wednesday after school

- Any day by appointment!