GATE Activities

Digital Extension and Enrichment Resources

Remote Learning Opportunities

Even though our physical classrooms are empty, our teacher hearts are full as we are working harder than ever to meet the needs of all of our students during this extraordinary time.

To help take some of that work off your plate, here are some Google resources that you can copy/edit and add to your Canvas assignments to assist in getting to know your new family of students in your classroom cohorts. I would love to join you in your scheduled zoom time to help implement these interactive activities with your students. If you would like another set of hands to extend learning opportunities for your cohort(s), click the calendar link below to schedule a time for me to offer "zoom-in" support.

Affective Extension Activities


This is an interactive Bingo game that your students can play in breakout rooms in a classroom zoom meeting to help build a safe classroom community of collaborative learners.

Building Classroom Community

Different virtual activities to help "get to know" your students.

Classroom Artwork

Want to add some rotating art pieces to your new Google Bitmoji classroom? Here are some frames that your students can choose from and submit their own personal masterpieces that you can add to your virtual classroom decor.

Hopes and Dreams

Engage your students in goal setting activities for the new school year.

"This Is Us"

Interactive collaborative activity for you and your students to get to know one another.

Looking for student/curriculum specific extension activities?

Feel free to reach out via email or click the calendar above and let me know how I can help.