Michel Vey and the Electro clan

come read about the adventers of Michel Vey


Michel was an ordinary...ish kid who has powers of electricity(born with them). He has a best friend named Austin and they got each others back. Michel was getting bullied by Wade and Jack they were trying to take off his clothes Michel shocks them all and they fall to the ground, this was only the beginning of his power. Taylor meets Michel and he finds out that he isn't the only one Taylor has powers too. They do research to figure out why they have powers. They find out their in trouble...Read the book to find out what happens next.

About Michel Vey and his freinds/enemy

Michel Vey is not a ordinary high school student. He was a nobody until him and Tylor got to know each other and he turns into little Norris (Chuck Norris) and I the most popular kid in school. He has very special powers that allows him to shock people on contact or through metal wires or poles, but he is not the only one there are 17 more like him with different powers. Like Taylor she is apart of the cheerleader squad, and she can read peoples mind and reset their mind. There is an evil man that is out to get them so he can experiment on them and make more. Michel has a best friend named Ostin he is a genius, he dose test for fun.


Like Michel, I have great friends who always help me when I needed them most.
Michael Vey shows the power of friendship in his adventure. Michael is Ostin's only friend and Ostin is Michael's only friend. So they work amazingly together in the toughest of situations. But when they meet Taylor, the popular one, they hang out with her and meet a bunch of new friends and respect from other people. Their friendship is very important to them in different ways, such as Taylor she has never ever told anyone that she can reboot people but she started to trust Michael and Ostin because they became good friends.