Bryan ISD Advanced Academics News

Middle and Intermediate School Advanced Academics

As you may have heard in the Bryan-College Station Eagle, Bryan ISD is realigning into a system of Intermediate (grades 5-6) and Middle (7-8) School campuses. As a part of this program, we have been working on what programs will be placed at each of the four campuses. On Monday, March 21st, a proposal was brought to the School Board and approved that will assure that advanced programming will be available at all four campuses for school year 2017-2018.

Middle school grades (7-8) will be housed at the Stephen F. Austin and Davila campuses.

SFA will retain the Odyssey Academy, Davila will house INQUIRE

Intermediate school grades (5-6) will be at the Jane Long and Sam Rayburn campuses

Jane Long will be the home of a new program, the Pre-INQUIRE Academy. This will be a rigorous program intending to prepare students to successfully make the transition from the Elementary grades to the INQUIRE Academy in 7th and 8th grades.

Rayburn will also host an advanced program, Pre-Odyssey. Like Pre-INQUIRE, Pre-Odyssey will prepare students for the rigors of the Odyssey program.

Over the next 500 or so days, we will be working tirelessly to build policies, create curriculum structures, and to develop a staffing strategy that supports Bryan ISD's commitment to a world-class advanced academics program, and commitment to the students of the Bryan community.

SAT Prep Session

The district will be offering a Saturday prep session for the SAT in anticipation of the May 7th SAT. This session is open to all students who are taking the SAT in May.

The session will serve as introductions to the structure and content of the exam, as well as offering strategies for exam success.

SAT Prep Session:

April 23 from 8-12

Location: Rudder High School Cafe

Students should sign up at their home campus. I will be by to pick up the sign in sheets on Thursday, April 21st

Upcoming AP Exam Dates

Dates for Upcoming AP Exams

Week 1

May 2

Environmental Science


May 3

Computer Science A
Spanish Language and Culture

Art History
Physics 1: Algebra-Based

May 4

English Literature and Composition

Japanese Language and Culture
Physics 2: Algebra-Based

May 5

Calculus AB
Calculus BC

Chinese Language and Culture

May 6

German Language and Culture
United States History

European History

Studio Art—last day for Coordinators to submit digital portfolios (by 8 p.m. EDT) and to gather 2-D Design and Drawing students for physical portfolio assembly

Week 2

May 9

Music Theory

Physics C: Mechanics

Physics C:
Electricity and Magnetism

May 10

United States Government and Politics

French Language and Culture
Spanish Literature and Culture

May 11

English Language and Composition

Italian Language and Culture

May 12

Comparative Government and Politics
World History


May 13

Human Geography


AP Tutorials

Rudder High's own Amber Huff will be holding AP World History and AP European History reviews on Saturdays and Sundays in April through the beginning of May. For further information contact Ms. Huff at

Scholars Academy

The Bryan ISD Scholars Program will be offered at Rudder High School from June 13 – June 23, 12:30pm to 3:30pm, Monday through Thursday. In addition, Scholars will meet four Saturdays (free if you attend the Summer sessions) in the fall prior to the PSAT test which will be given in October. Dates, times, and location for the Saturday meetings will be given to students in June.

The district has initiated this program for the following reasons:

¨ Increase your student’s scores on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT),

¨ Increase the number of scholarships received by your student,

¨ Increase your student’s chances of being accepted to a prestigious college/university,

¨ Increase your student’s chances of being a National Merit Semifinalist.

The program is offered for $80 (students qualifying for free or reduced lunch will pay $40) and is comparable to private training programs that cost hundreds of dollars.

The content of the program will enable students to learn techniques and strategies for answering questions on the verbal and math portions of the PSAT and SAT. The teachers chosen to teach this program are highly trained professionals who are knowledgeable about PSAT/SAT testing. They have been selected for their commitment, instruction expertise, and ability to motivate students.

The deadline for registration and payment is May 1, 2016 and may be returned to:

BHS: Blake Allen,

RHS: Dora Cruz,

BCHS: Tommy Roberts,

For further information please contact:

Racheal Branch



Rick Odum

Advanced Academics Coordinator

Odyssey News

  • Members of Odyssey Academy entered the George Bush Library art contest. 6th grader Sarah Denman placed 2nd in the middle school category.
  • 6th and 7th graders in Odyssey academy entered the national Toshiba Exploravision contest. Four teams from the 7th grade received exceptional merit and placed in the top 10%.
  • 88 projects were entered in the regional Technology Student Association competition. 11 came in 1st, 9 came in 2nd, 9 came in 3rd, a total of 66 are advancing to the state competition in April in Waco.

Dr. Wallis speaks with Naveen Cuhna about SFA's Odyssey Academy

Why Gifted May not be What You Think

Stanford Business School graduate and current Harvard KennedySchool MC/MPA Candidate shedding new light on gifted education.
Why gifted may not be what you think: Michelle Barmazel at TEDxHGSE

Bryan High School's IB program

Last month, I was speaking with a friend of mine who works at an International School in Southeast Asia and he was saying how excited he was that his school achieved a 90% Diploma-passage rate for the kids in the IB Diploma program. I asked him how many of those kids had gone through the Primary and Middle Years Program. He said that nearly all of them had been in the IB program from the earliest of ages.

Keep that in mind. At Bryan ISD, we offer the Diploma Program for grades 11 and 12 at Bryan High School. We had a 90% Diploma passage rate, without the benefit of Primary and Middle Years Programs. What does that say about the quality of our IB program?

IB Contact

If you have questions about the International Baccalaureate Program at Bryan High School, please contact:

Laura Wagner