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Macbeth's Victory

Macbeth, noble warrior of Forres returned from battle and was victorious over not one, not two, but three enemies. Macbeth defeated: Norway, Macdonwald, and the Thane of Cawdor. All of these enemies were detrimental to Forres and Macbeth was eventually rewarded by King Duncan for his actions. Macbeth was approached by three weird sisters, they were extremely weird as their name predicts. The weird sisters told Macbeth, "All hail Macbeth Thane of Glamis, All hail Macbeth Thane of Cawdor, All hail Macbeth that shalt be king hereafter". King Duncan made Macbeth the new Thane of Cawdor because of his noble victory. Although becoming Thane of Cawdor was a great honor for Macbeth, he was not satisfied with such a humble reward. After hearing what the witches said, Macbeth believed that he was entitled to more. Macbeth's crazy wife, Lady Macbeth came up with a plan for Macbeth to become King. Lady Macbeth’s idea was to sneak into King Duncan’s chambers while he was sleeping and silently kill him. Although Duncan and Macbeth are friends, Lady Macbeth will stop at nothing to get Macbeth to become king. Lady Macbeth eventually convinced Macbeth to kill Duncan after she insulted his courage. Macbeth is a hero to King Duncan, but apparently he has a difficult time being a hero to his wife without doing what she says...

Advice Column

Question: My wife is completely insane and I do not know how to stop her hunger for power. I think she's going to make me kill all of my friends. What should I do?

Expert Advice: Tell the wretch to leave! Clearly you do not like her because she's obsessed with power, and she obviously does not like you because she wants you to kill all your friends who did nothing wrong. I would suggest just leaving her see how she survives on her own... She will probably end up living under a bridge or on a park bench... See how she enjoys that. Oh yeah then tell your friends that she was threatening them. I am sure they would find it hilarious.

Murder of King Duncan

King Duncan has been killed! Macduff entered the king’s chamber and discovered that he was dead. Macduff believes that Macbeth was responsible for the murder, but Macbeth said that he only killed the guards assuming they killed the king. Although Macduff is still suspicious he knows he probably should not speak up. Meanwhile Duncan’s sons Malcolm and Donalbain decide that Scotland is no longer a safe place for them and flee the country. Malcolm went to England and Donalbain went to Ireland. A crazy old man has been spotted ranting about Duncan’s horses eating each other the night that Duncan was killed. This suspicious activity could only mean that the weird sisters had a part in Duncan’s death. More must be going on here though not all the details have been revealed yet. Duncan’s sons are currently the prime suspects in the death of the king, though the rumor is that Macbeth was the true killer. Macbeth is soon to become king however and suspecting King Macbeth of murder could be considered treason. Hopefully King Macbeth will get to the bottom of this mystery and hopefully the true killer will be found.

Interrogation of Macbeth

Macbeth (M)

Interrogator (I)

I: Macbeth where were you last night?

M: I was in the castle doing my rounds making sure everything is in order. After all we have been fighting for months and you never know when a surprise attack may occur.

I: That makes sense, but why could you not just stop by during the day to do your "rounds"

M: I don't know I like the night time...

I: Wow that makes zero sense, anyways, so how's Lady Macbeth?

M: Uhhh she's fine I guess.

I: Care to elaborate?

M: I plead the Fifth on that one.

I: I have no idea what that means but okay whatever... So how did you encounter the guards in the castle?

M: Well I had the feeling that something was wrong so I immediately went to the king's chambers to see what was wrong. As I approached I noticed that the guards looked pretty guilty... I went into King Duncan's room and I saw that the poor man was murdered. I then went back out to avenge him.

I: How did you avenge the king?

M: I killed the guards that clearly assassinated King Duncan...

Banquo has been Killed!

Macbeth's closest friend Banquo has been assassinated! It was rumored that Banquo figured out that Macbeth murdered Duncan to become king. All the evidence points to Macbeth as being the killer, but why would he murder his best friend? Macbeth also was hosting a party so he could not possibly have left and killed Banquo that quickly. The authorities currently are blaming the death on Fleance, Banquo's son. Fleance was seen running away after the death of Banquo. Shortly after the death of Banquo Macbeth started acting strangely at his banquet. Witnesses say that he was having fits of rage and kept talking about some kind of ghost. People started getting confused and Lady Macbeth tried to comfort them saying that Macbeth has fits on a regular basis. Many other sources believe that Macbeth indeed was the killer. They do not believe that Macbeth has fits often and believe the rumors that Macbeth tried to silence Banquo. Banquo after all was present when the weird sisters told Macbeth's future. Was Macbeth the true killer? The evidence seems to imply that, but it is too early to tell.