Primer Mid Spookober Newsletter

October 10, 2015

Notes from the classroom

What a magical time we had with pumpkins these last two weeks. One specific moment unfolded at the garden when students started to dig the guts of the pumpkin out. Most of the children were eager to get their hands involved while others opted out. What amazed me was the stark differences in the comments of the children who touched the guts. Adjectives included "Awesome", "Sticky", "Slimy", "Disgusting", and "Fun." Students separated the guts and seeds.

Our Master Gardener took the seeds home, cleaned them and roasted them so that the students could try them the following day. Almost all of the Primer students loved the pumpkin seeds. As you get your pumpkins ready for Halloween night you might have your chid help you prepare some pumpkin seeds.

Reading: wrapping up our work on connections and moving to decoding strategies

Writing: using the author's craft of senses in out small moment stories and the writing process

Math: 2D shapes: attributes, decomposing and composing shapes

Science: ecosystems and food chain elements ( plants, herbivores, omnivores and carnivores)

Social Studies: The Global Read Aloud: "Duck and Rabbit" and "It's not Fair"

Phonics: consonant blends

(Constant blends are when two or more consonants are blended together, but each sound may be heard in the blend. The most common beginning consonant blends include: bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fr, tr, fl, gl, gr, pl, pr, sl, sm, sp and st. Blends can also occur at the end of words as in the word “last”.) Starting with s blends.

Great Follow to author Jess Lahey's presentation

Helpful Apps

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Celebrating the 50ish day of school

It’s time to roll up those pants & pull out those poodle skirts. We’re celebrating the 50ish day of school, 1950’s style! To add to the fun, I am asking students to “dress the part” on the 50th day of school instead of wearing the standard uniform.

Some ideas include: rolled up jeans, ponytails, scarves, slicked back hair, poodle skirts, leather jackets and Converse-style shoes. I encourage you not to buy anything for this special day. If you need something, could you be resourceful and ask a neighbor or a friend if they have an item you need? If you need something check with last year's Primer parents so they can offer some advice and resources to you.

Our 50ish Day of School will be on Monday, November 9th ( Mrs. Hogan does not count the half day we just had, thus this is why I call it the 50ish day of school). Prior to this special day, students will be learning about life in the 1950s. Students will also complete a project for homework focused around the number 50. This assignment will be sent home after Fall Break.

Primer PE

Cooperation in PE

The purpose of this activity is to help students develop team cooperation, trust, communication skills, and problem solving skills. Through the activity students enhanced their personal development and were challenged as individuals to face their own perceived limitations. Teamwork is developed by working, playing and accomplishing goals together.
Primer PE 2

Save the Dates

  • Fall Break October 9-12
  • Wednesday, October 14 Bright Start focus on literacy assessments with Mrs. Wabrek from 8:00 A.M.-9:00 A.M. in the LS Theater All are welcome! Please tap here to RSVP.
  • Wednesday, October 21 Field Trip to The Heard Museum
  • Friday, October 23 Spooktacular- Students will wear Spooktacular shirts to school
  • Monday, November 2 Raincatcher's Garden visit 8:30 A.M. until 10:00 A.M.
  • Tuesday, November 5 Marathon Kids' Family Run 7:30 A.M.
  • Friday, November 6 Family Game Day 1:00-1:45 P.M.
  • Monday, November 9th- 50ish day of school
  • Friday, November 13- Lower School Movie Night at the Upper Campus - details to follow