David "Dwight" Eisenhower

October 14, 1890 - March 28, 1969

Personal Life

~Dwight Eisenhower had fought in WWII for the United States of America in 1939.
~He was the third child(out of 7) of David Jacob and Ida Eisenhower.
~Married Mary "Mamie" Geneva Foud on July 1st of 1916.
~Had two kids, Doud and John Eisenhower.


Dwight Eisenhower had died in Washington D.C. due to heart failure.


Dwight had won lots of battles during WWII. He had moved several times with his troops all over Europe fighting in different areas.

3 Interesting Facts

1. Prefers to be called by his middle name: David Dwight Eisenhower
2. Has many nicknames like Ike, Little Ike, General Ike, Kansas Cyclone, and Duckpin.
3. In 1945, Dwight was appointed U.S. Army Chief of Staff after the war.