Ending Genocide in Africa

By: Duncan McGlachlin and Ryan Gersmehl

Useless Killings

Genocide in Africa needs to be stopped. Too many innocent people are being slaughtered because of their race, religion and culture. If something like this were to happen in the United States, another Civil war or some other kind of action would take place to end it for good. The United Nations needs to do something to help and end this butchering of innocent human beings.
Video- The horror of the Rwandan genocide - World news - guardian.co.uk.flv

Killing of Tribes

The first reason genocide needs to be stopped is because it destroys entire cultures. Cultural genocide is a specific type of genocide that is intended on destroying entire cultures. This is one of the major reasons warlords and governments impose genocide. Many beautiful cultures have been destroyed by genocide. Just as important is the fact that economies are hurt by genocide.
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