Jessica Gordon

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) within the classroom.

Quizziz & Kahoot

Teachers and students can both create interactive game-show-like review quizzes on Quizziz and Kahoot. Students especially like Kahoot, because it allows them to create a nickname, play against their classmates, and try to win 1st-5th place.

  • When students complete essays or projects early, they can create a Kahoot to quiz their peers after reading their paper or presentation. Students can also use these tools when using jigsaw strategies/when students are put in charge of teaching a lesson to the class.

"Escape the Classroom" and Other Fun Challenges!

Free Escape Room'esque Activities (FREE!)

Follow your content area on a breakout blog page!

Click the link, then your content area, to find collaborative groups for sharing free teacher-made escape room activities!

Using Class Dojo for Individual, Group, and Multi-Class Competition

  • Use Pokemon or other creatures to "Create a New Set" of Dojo Monsters. Students can evolve or change their avatars after reaching a certain number of points.
  • Create groups within each class on Dojo to reward groups and individuals
  • Post individual and class points weekly, have students compete to have the highest individual points, group points, or highest individual/group points in the pod.

First quarter, I had a "Poke'Party" for the top 7 Dojo students in each room. The top student in each class, as well as the top student for the pod, were awarded trophies during the party.

  • You could also award the top team in each class and or the top team in the pod.
How to use custom avatars in ClassDojo