SWAG World History: 4th Six Weeks

Come join us to engage in the world history curriculum!


Welcome to our World History Six Weeks At a Glance session for the 4th Six Weeks!

Our goals for this session include:

  • To review the curriculum (Unit 8: Absolutism and Enlightenment, Unit 9: Age of Revolutions, and Unit 10: Industrial Revolution)
  • Discuss any concerns
  • To go through the lessons that exist for you to utilize, especially the DBQ in Unit 10
  • To look at the updated online resources
  • To share strategies to use with ELL/SPED students
  • To create a calendar for Unit 8 and 9

We will be doing a ELQ - a modified KWL chart. Please write down or keep in mind something you have experienced in teaching Unit 8, 9 and 10 before, or something you expect to experience teaching it for the first time this year.


Our curriculum is housed in Engrade. When you click on a class period, on the left hand side is the Course Maps link.

Sharing Ideas

Please use the following link to post any ideas you would like to share about how to reach our Special Education or English Language Learner population.


Outlining Unit 8 and 9

Using the curriculum for Units 8 and 9, we'd like you to create a rough outline of how you would teach and pace the unit. Discussion of past experiences is encouraged!

Exit Ticket: ELQ in the Comments Section!

A modification to our KWL charts, we would like for you to share with us something you have experienced in teaching Unit 6 and 7 before, or something you expect to experience. For the L, please share something you learned from the SWAG session, and the Q any further questions you have. Please make sure you include your name and email so we can email you our answers!

Thank you so much for coming!

Units 8, 9, and 10