Gifted and Talented Tidbits 15

By Lenora Barnes 1/8/16


This week we continued with our read aloud books, completed a STEM instant challenge, and worked on word puzzlers. In addition to these activities, we began the Texas Performance Standards projects. The first and second grade students are working on the Animal Nation project. The third and fourth grade students have selected one of the following projects: Enigmas, Math Around Town, Gift of Age, Innovation Celebration, We Are Texans, or Pursuit of Passion. The third and fourth graders will be working on their projects through the end of April and will showcase them during the week of April 25-28.


Due to the early release schedules we will not have class on Wednesday, January 13 or Thursday, January 14.


High achievers absorb information.

Gifted learners manipulate information.

Kingore, B. (2004)

What Do Gifted Students Need to Succeed?

Talk Time - Gifted students need opportunities to talk with people who respect and understand them.

A gifted student in your class may need you to be that person for them.

-Galbraith, J. (2013)

Resources From TAGT 2015

Many of you may already be familiar with Ian Byrd. He taught gifted students in California where he grew up as a gifted kid himself. He is now a nationally recognized speaker and writes for his blog He presented several sessions at TAGT this year. As always, his sessions were awesome. You may view the resources that he shared using the link below.