Mr. Nielsen's Wildcat Newsletter

Weekly Madrona News: November 21, 2021

NO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK- November 22 - 26

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Mile Run Under the Lights

On Tuesday, November 16, Madrona dominated the TUSD mile race featuring all 8 Torrance Middle Schools. Thanks to our athletic director Mr. Waldschmidt and running club coaches Liam Gachuz and Larson Estefan! Thank you to all the students who participated in this fun district event. We want to recognize...

  • 6th Grade Girls - Leah Sasaki (1st place), Konomi Rokugawa (3rd place), Rio Asami (6th place), Addison Wall, Angie Jimenez, Abigail Montenegro, Masaki Kwon, Sophia Croitoru, Ashley Haren, Taegyoung Kim, and Briauna Sinclair.
  • 6th Grade Boys - Michael Roosa (5th Place), Tyler Homma, Kane Martinez, Seita Koge, Haru Sakamoto, David Nevarez, Masakazu Shoji, Daniil Varkheliak, Haruhito Shiokawa, Cody Galindo-Tofukuji, Cyrus Engoy, and Chakhon Hong.
  • 7th Grade Girls - Sophie Salinas (4th place), Sakurako Nakagawa (5th place), Layla Burnett (6th place), Brittany Serrano (9th place), Riley Dinco, Emily Ferrer, and Victoria Hernandez.
  • 7th Grade Boys - Seonghyun Kim and Connor Chang
  • 8th Grade Girls - Sophia Wessels (1st place)
  • 8th Grade Boys - Logan Cole (4th place), Ioan Evans (5th place), Kris Sinclair (7th place), and Eric Rivera.

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ELMAC Meeting -Tuesday, November 30th @ 3:00 pm

If your student is an English Learner, please click on this link and join us!

CAMS-California Academy Mathematics and Science

There will be a meeting on Friday, 12/3 during lunch in Room SC3 for 8th grade students interested in attending CAMS next year. There is a prequisite of Algebra 1 completion to apply. If your student is interested, please have them come to the meeting for more information.

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Shouts Outs!

Madrona Reading Stars for November week 2:

  • Top Class is Dr. Torres P2 - 9,397 minutes

    Krish Mani - 1680 minutes

    Rachel Shin - 1280 minutes

    Jonathan Park - 676 minutes

    everyone = 188,806 minutes!

  • Clippers Read to Achieve Minutes Challenge
    147 Participants have read 54,677 minutes

Way to Go

  • Ms. Clarke: Big shout out to Cara Kim, Anjenika Enage, and Lily Choi for working on the secret video. You all are so kind and compassionate and you made someone feel very special.
  • Mrs. Miskimen's Super Stellar Science Students who earned A's Quarter #1: Aaron Baker-Withers, Lily Diaz, Thomas Frame, Zander Horta, Tae Kim, Tak Machida, Meena Manoj, Katelyn Mansour, Ichhya Neupane, Kylie Phan, Emmy Ulrich, Megan Wada, Sophia Croitoru, Ashely Haren, William Hong, Jace Kalata, Sungmo Kim, Seita Koge, Ben Lopez, Mukta Lotlikar, Kane Martinez, Sneha Menon, Ilani Paul, Michael Roosa, Haru Sakamoto, Addison Wall, Olivia Wang, and Elyse Whaley. Way to go!!!
  • Mrs. Miskimen: Thank you Lily Wassef for always helping inside and outside the classroom. You are so sweet and kind. Thank you Leah Sasaki for turning in a cell phone she found on the grass.
  • Mrs. Miskimen: Congrats to all the "Mile Run Under the Lights" participants 6th grade girls: Leah Saskaki 1st place overall (6:21), Konomi Rokugawa 3rd place (6:34), Addison Wall (7:13), Angie Jimenez (7:25), Masaki Kwon (7:30), Ashley Haren (8:11), Tae Kim (8:53), Briauna Sinclair (9:18). There were 46 runners. Great job! 6th grade boys with 57 runners. Top runner was Michael Roosa (6:29) took took 5th place overall, Kane Martinez (6:48), Seita Koge (6:49) Karu Sakamoto (6:50), Haruhito Shiokawa (7:41), Cody Galindo-Tofukuji (7:48), Cyrus Engoy (8:49) and William Hong (9:32). Can't wait for the next meet. Keep it up!
  • Mrs. Miskimen: Period 3 PE. You make me laugh everyday with the cheering and positive comments. Thank you all. Period 5 Public Speaking class. You are off to a wonderful start. I can't wait to see you all blossom into great speakers. Sarah Davis and Camden Goff are doing a great job.
  • Mrs. Ton: Thank you to all the families and students who donated to the Canned Food Drive. 7th grade donated the most items and earned 100 spirit points for their grade. 6th grade placed second and earned 50 spirit points. 8th grade placed third and earned 25 spirit points.
  • Dr. Torres: Thank you to all my students in Social Studies for your participation in our LACMA virtual field trip, and for your participation in the interactive dramatizations of the Daily Life in Ancient Egypt. Thank you to all my students in English Language Arts for reading everyday and completing your Wildcat Reading Logs.
  • Mr. H: Shout out to Kat Gara, Emily Mundy, Logan Cole, and Marissa Roberts for outstanding citizenship. Additional shout out to Leslie MacFerrin for keen insight and excellent analysis in both ELA and Drama. Final shout out to David Diaz for excellent creative writing skills. Bravo to all!
  • Mrs. Snider: Major Props to Emily Proenca, Rain Yasutake, Rachel Shin, Yoonie Lee, Chloe Park, Ashley Haren, Lily Wassef. Your patience, organization, patience, effort, patience, great attitude, patience are noticed and appreciated every day in Band. Thank you! Jason Galloway, Gavin Birch, Aaron Baker-Withers, Jacob Costello - Congratulations and thank you for the huge improvement in effort and behavior in Band. You are appreciated! Joshua Miwa - Thank you for always giving us your very best effort. We are so thankful to have such a strong Tenor Sax player in the family.
  • Ms. Fu: Thank you to all my students for working hard on your Coordinate Plane Projects so far this week, I'm super excited to see the finished results after break!
  • Mrs. Young: Angela Jimenez, Dani V, Sarah Davis, and Illyana for doing an awesome job on their social class skit!

Meet Our Counseling Team

Learn more about the counseling department and what we do! Our team includes Ms. Adra (school counselor) and Ms. PJ (our new school therapist). We are here to help!

Activities & Clubs

HOMEWORK CLUB 3:10 - 4:00 PM

  • Monday: ROOM 14 with Mrs. Bloomfield
  • Tuesday: ROOM 17 with Ms. Clarke
  • Wednesday: ROOM 25 with Mr. Snow
  • Thursday: ROOM SC1 with Mr. Freitas

MANY MANY CLUBS and FUN Activities:

  • Running Club - Afterschool on Wednesdays
  • Footgolf info meeting Monday Oct 18, at lunch in room 12
  • GSA in the counseling office - Thursdays at lunch
  • Chess Club - Wednesdays in room 14 at lunch
  • Ultimate Frisbee - Wednesdays at lunch in SC1
  • Math club in room 24 afterschool - Thursdays
  • Cinema club in room 25 - Thursdays and Fridays at lunch
  • Art Club - Room 26 - Fridays at Lunch
  • Music club in room 22 - Fridays at lunch
  • CJSF - 2nd Tuesday of every month in SC3 at lunch