Writing Process

Step by Step

Step 1: Prewrite

Plan your writing!

What do I want to say?
How do I want to say it?
Who will read my writing?

Step 2: Write

Write your first draft!

Are my thoughts organized?

Which ideas do I want to develop?

In what order do I want to say them?

Step 3: Revise

Change your writing and make it better!

Have I read what I have written?

Does it make sense?

Are my details clear?

Should I add or take out parts?

Have I used the best ideas and words?

Step 4: Edit

Check your writing!

Have I used complete sentences?

Are all words spelling, punctuation, and capitalization correct?

Do I have a correct and neat copy?

Step 5: Publish

Share your writing!

Have you turned it in?

Who will you let read your writing?

Will you display it?