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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Update

Company Update

To my friends, my customers, my avaFans,

I wanted to share more information in light of recent news about Ava Anderson and clear up some of the "buzz".

Thank you for your business and your faith and trust in our mission of safe products, free of harmful chemicals. I am writing to inform you that the company (known as AvaAnderson LLC) will move forward without the Anderson Family. After 6 years of dedication and love, the family has made the difficult decision to step aside and no longer take this journey with us.

However, the good news, even in this most challenging hour, is that our journey and mission will transition with a new name and new brand. As of March 1st, the company will move forward with a new name and all of the same products and ingredients you have come to love. It's like when cereal boxes say New Look, Same Great Product! We, too, are going through a re-branding and taking some exciting steps with this move.

We are STILL going forward with USDA organic certification and 95% of production will be done in-house. In addition, our products were analyzed by a highly reputable, independent third party laboratory. The laboratory tested these products for 73 synthetic compounds, including phthalates and semi-volatile compounds. Other than the previously disclosed products (avaScent and avaMen- see below), all products were found under this testing program to contain no chemicals of concern detected above a concentration of 0.02%.

What happened with avaScent and avaMen products?

On November 17th, we retired all three avaSCENTS and committed to moving them in-house. During this transition process, we hired a world renowned Natural Fragrance Industry Specialist from the leading Natural Fragrance development firm in North America. He voiced concerns that these scents may not have been all natural. We followed this concern up with testing and were made aware that a synthetic was in our avaMEN's line and avaSCENT line (**It is important to note: this synthetic is considered safe by the European nations/standards and used in natural circles, they were just not up to Ava's very high standards.**). As all Purchase Orders are a contractual agreement with vendors requiring that products shipped are per specifications, including correct ingredient listings, these were serious legal and ethical breeches.

The company immediately contacted anyone who has ordered these products and gave them the option to exchange it with another option. I personally will be reaching out to my affected customers in the next 2 days to be sure you take the opportunity for a free replacement product.

Click here for the Replacement Form.

What's this I hear about a new ingredient?

While retesting our lines, we also found the use of emulsifiers in some of our products. The ingredient is already listed in our ingredient glossary as Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate. It is a natural olive oil based emulsifier that “holds” the product together and prevents ingredient separation. The ingredient is non-harmful and non-irritating. To clarify, this is not a formulation change, but adding an ingredient to the label that is currently in the product. As we are all about the ingredients and transparency, this label omission was also communicated to the customers as soon as it was discovered.

Why have Kim and Ava Anderson decided to move on?

Due to incorrect press and misinformation regarding these incidents, largely circulated by a blogger from another direct sales company, the Anderson's have been unfairly bullied and attacked both in person and online. This daily barrage of hateful comments and threats became so intense as of late, they felt no choice but to let go of what they created and poured their blood, sweat, and tears into in order to preserve their family and protect their daughter.

What now?

Our home office remains in Warren, RI. We have accelerated in-house production of all (but 5*) of our products, so there will never be an issue of unknown or mis-labeling ingredients. The mission and values are still the same! The Andersons poured their heart and soul into this company and have pushed SO hard to change chemical policy. Ava and her legacy will shine on as we continue to spread this powerful message and make them proud.

*The avaFACE eyeliner and mascara, avaAUTO leather care and no water car wash, and avaGARDEN plant booster will not be produced in-house but will be rigorously and continually tested to ensure quality and purity.

Moving Forward

Products with the Ava Anderson label will continue to be available through February 15th. The new company will officially launch on March 1st.

This company they created has changed my life and lifestyle in so many ways, as well as the lives of many consultants and customers. I am incredibly grateful that we will carry on and be able to offer the same, AMAZING products we all know and love. This is so very important to me and your continued support and loyalty means more than you will ever know.

Lots of non-toxic love,


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