I'm looking for work. Can YOU help?

Any odd jobs will be gratefully recieved!

Hi! I'm Lauren :)

I'm 16 and I'm looking for a job to help me save up for my university fund. I live in Bournemouth and would be happy to travel up to a 5 mile radius to work!

I have previous experience in Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Babysitting, Cleaning, Catering, Gardening, DIY, and Waitressing. I have EXCELLENT customer service skills, I'm AMAZINGLY good at what I do, and I'm a BRILLIANT hard worker!

If you have any queries or jobs avaliable then contact me at laurenjknott@gmail.com and if you require a phone number then I shall send it via email as I do not want to put it publiclly!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Kind Regards.

Lauren Knott

I charge £3.50 an hour