Long Term Care

By: Kassidee Freeman

The Basics

In 2000, the growth of people needing some form of long term care in the U.S increased by nearly 10 million. When referring to "long-term care" it is not only an insurances policy but it helps support and finance including how you will navigate the myriad of legal, and family and social dynamics along the way.

Medicare, Medicaid & More

Medicare and Medicaid, may help pay for long-term care services. Although there are specific rules that must be followed, rather you qualify for benefits and how much you have to pay out of pocket cost.

Where You Live Matters

When applying for long-term care services, there are many things to keep in mind: is your home in good condition, is it easy to get around in and many more. Is there Support Services in the area, someone who can help with personal care, help with house and yard chores and more. Typical Home Modifications, are there medical alert systems, do you have handrails, stairway chair lifts.?

How to Decide

What are your values and beliefs?

What makes life worth living?

What do you want for yourself?

Who do you want as your decision maker?

Costs & How to Pay

Average costs for long-term care (2010):

$21 per hour for home health aide

$229 per day of $6,965 per month for a private room in a nursing home

Life insurances may cover some of the cost but not entirely, but you can pay monthly or a lump-sum of the payment.

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Why is long-term care important?

If you have an accident or chronic illness that causes a disability, long-term care will take care of you.

Benefits Of Having Long-Term Care

A major benefit for having long-term care is if you have an illness you are covered the long term-care will take care of you, of course the best that they can! :)

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are both government- sponsored programs designed to help cover healthcare cost.
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Living Layouts

Are you house living layouts suitable or unsuitable for elderly living?

  • Do you have rails?
  • Is the furniture spread widely? (that a wheelchair can get through)
  • Do you have narrow hallways?
  • Do you have a shower or bath?
  • Do you have carpet or tile?

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Long Term Living Arrangements in the South Plains area

  • Reaves Roads (Crosbyton)
  • Cottage Village Senior Living Community (Lubbock)
  • Emeritus at Elmbrook Estates (Lubbock)
  • Heartland House Inc (Lubbock)

The Cost of Care in Texas

$40-$45,000 annually