Call for Volunteers at Millbridge!

Like planting and the arts?

March 23rd at Noon: Assist 2nd graders in glazing mosaic tiles

Our 2nd grade students are participating in a Perkins Center for the Arts Residency program. This program is allowing students to create their own unique mosaic tile, tied to the habitat of the rain garden being built this April. The Master Artists need your help in assisting students in this messy process. Come dressed for a mess!

April 11th and 12th (Raindate April 13th) from 9:00am-3:00pm: Plant over 900 plants with the entire Millbridge Family

All 800 students will have the opportunity to prepare our rain garden habitat, by planting a native plant species, by hand on their designated day. Come dressed for yard work, helping many little hands to treat the plants with care, as they learn the skills of horticulture.

Millbridge's Rain Garden and Playground Opportunities

Contact Erica DeMichele, K-12 Supervisor, for questions:

856-461-6100 x3034

  • PTA Volunteers will be asked for their time:

    • Glazing on Friday, March 23rd 9:45-11:10 (wear “work” clothes)

    • Planting on April 11th/12th (rain date 13th) (wear “work” clothes)

    • Healthy lunch and snack contributions all of Earth Week

    • Planting on June TBD (wear “work” clothes)