Integumentary System

By Natalia Hernandez

What is the Integumentary System?

The Integumentary a system consists of three parts, all very important in the human body. This system includes nails, hair, and skin.



There are many different types of nail infections with many different kinds of cures. These include: Nail Fungi, Athletes Foot, Ring Worm, and many more. What causes all of these infections? There are a few different causes for these infections which include: Wearing artificial nails, having a nail injury, and possibly public nail salons. First, the chemicals used to get the artificial nails on yours are unhealthy and contain all types of chemicals. Next, having a nail injury can include part of a nail being broken off, which means that the finger is without the nail protection which causes infections to come in more easily. Above all else, public nail salons can use the same tools on you that they used on the person attended before you, which could lead to fungi, infections, or other. Though there are many possible nails infections, there are also a few cures. Talk to your doctors about your nail problem, so they can provide you with a oral anti fungal medication or something of the type.



There are not any hair infections or diseases, but there are some products which could make your hair look unhealthy. Extreme heat which is caused by blow dryers, straighteners, and curlers, can dry your hair our and make it less moisturized than it should be. Hairstyles like ponytails and braids can cause problems as well especially is you wear them everyday. The hair is pulled tightly over long periods of time which causes hair to break. Lastly, you'd think applying oils and ointments make your hair look softer and shinier, but too much oil or shampoo causes it too feel and look too oily and unclean. There are ways to prevent these hair damages like pulling your hair back only when it's needed, or straightening and curling your hair less each week. Make sure you wash your hair throughly with shampoo and conditioner at least twice each week, but be careful not to wet it all the time which can cause you hair to fall. Brush it to keep it neat, and avoid tangles.


Diseases & Infections

Treat and care for your skin really well because it's an important layer of your body with a lot of infections and diseases. Some of these include: Excema, Skin Cancer, Acne, and Psoriasis. I personally have Excema so I can tell you a lot about it. Excema is a extremely annoying rash in some parts of your body including: arms, legs, wrists, neck, and face. There is no cause, so you just get it if you get it, and it's difficult to get rid of. Eventually you will though, I hope! It can get worse with many different things like food, hot water, and sweat. There is no actual cure but there's things you can do to make the skin look more "presentable". Oils are a really good source to moisture, since Excema is extremely dry skin with a rash, but they don't really heal the broken skin. Doctors can give you a special medication, which is dangerous to use in big quantities, but it works so I use it. The food is a big deal, because you need to eat extremely healthy. Fruits, salads, vegetables, fish, and chicken are the best. That's my diet right now, lucky that I like fish! Eventually as you grow you get rid of it, since it usually strikes on 7 year olds and fewer times on elderly people. Another, a disease called Skin Cancer, is really bad. It is associated with ultra violet light from the sun. The danger starts in the epidermis and later extends to the dermis. Skin Cancer spreads quickly to other areas, and can be mostly deadly, but if it's caught early it could be cured. Skin is a very important part of you body, so take good care of it.