The Amazing Radioactive and incredibly rare metal!

Thorium Th, Lets get down to buissness

Thorium, or Th is a rare metal that is only found in a select few places in the world. Atomic mass is 232.04 and the atomic radius is 179 (in picometer). The density is (g/cm3) 11.78, and the melting point is 2023.2k. The boiling point of thorium is 5123k. At room temperature of this marvelous element is solid. Its appearance is White, silvery, and solid. Although there is no conductivity and malleability. There is no flammability. The reactivity is experimental fuel for cars in the future.

Discovery (please dont sue me discovery)

Thorium, was discovered by Anton Eduard Van Arkel, and Jan Hendrik De Boer in 1925. The person to discover its radioactivity was Gerhard Schmidt in 1898. Thorium was discovered on accident in Berwick, Norway, but moved to Sweden mostly for analysis and study.

What protons and electrons does Thorium Have?

Thorium has 90 protons and electrons.