Ms. Zitzman's Classes

6th Grade English and Reading

Welcome 2016!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! It was a fantastic, relaxing two weeks in the Zitzman house. Boy did we need it! Now I'm ready to tackle this next semester--at least until Spring Break anyway! ;-)

Supplies needed!!!

Most of the kids are down to pencil nubs and have no loose lined paper left in their binders. If you are able to help them replenish these items, we would be grateful!

What's coming up in Reading!

We are right in the middle of our novel study and we are loving it! Watsons Go To Birmingham has been enjoyed by all---ask your student about the "old" stuff that they are learning about, like in-car record players, long distance phone calls, and shaving lather in a cup! :0) Their "old" teacher has experience with almost all of these things, and I also have the added schema about cold, wintery Flint, Michigan! It's been a lot of fun sharing these historical things with them! **Note: they've made this book into a movie, and we are planning to show it to the kids when we finish. Many have discovered this fact and have already watched it via Netflix. I really like for the kids to WAIT to see the movie, as we know books are different, plus I like them to create their own mind movies first! So if they ask, can you tell them to wait? Thanks!

English Class is going to burn through pencils!

We're adding a new tool to our writer's toolboxes right now---complex sentences! We are going to start sprucing up that writing with some more sentence variety, that's for sure! Heads up for next six weeks---we will be writing like crazy!

Reminder about absences!

Just a reminder as cold and flu season gets under full swing: if your child is absent, it is almost sure that they need to attend tutorials! We are getting into the "big push" season of academics, and you'd be surprised at how much we can get done in a 45 minute class period. Missing even one day means missing a ton of instruction. I have tutorials every morning and in the afternoons by arrangement.