By Supratik Pasupuleti


Perseverance is being resilient and overcoming your adversities so you can be triumphant.

Kid President (Description)

Robby Novak is best known as Kid President on YouTube. He is an inspirational and determined kid. He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. Osteogenesis imperfecta is a rare brittle bone disease that comes from genetics. This means that he has a collagen needed to form strong bones so whenever he falls of a bike his leg will break, but for a normal person they will only get a couple of scratches.

Robby has endured a lot of adversities throughout his life but overcame a lot of them. One of them is that he had adopted parents when he was 2 months old. This is really serious because maybe Robby’s biological parents didn't want to take care of him because they weren't up to the challenge. Another adversity is that he had 70 bone breaks in his life and he’s only nine years old. This must be really tough for him because 1 bone break hurts a lot, 70 bone breaks is almost unbearable.Despite these adversities, he remains strong.

Robby has shown a lot of perseverance in his bone disease. Not only does he survive but he thrives also. He does many great things for example he is always happy no matter what and he loves the world and thinks everything is awesome even though he has a disease. He makes everything funny and everything nice. One quote is “Make the world better.” Robby Novak has truly shown a lot of perseverance throughout his life.

Jackie Robinson (Compare and Contrast)

Jackie Robinson is truly a great person compared to other black athletes. Jackie Robinson has great determination and even broke the color barrier unlike other black athletes like Michael Jordan or Lebron James.

Jackie Robinson stood up for racism, cruelty, and stopped mean comment about blacks. However Michael Jordan didn't really care about that stuff. According to the text in Jackie Robinson’s greatness, Michael Jordan gets about $20 million a year off of endorsement from Nike. The people who make the shoes in Indonesia only make around $109 a year which is not a lot comparing to the harsh environment they work in and the limited breaks they have. Even after Jordan knows all that he doesn't care and states “My job with Nike is to endorse the product. Their job is to be up on that.” Jackie on the other hand really cares about all the segregation and cruelty is going on and he would stop it so he contrasts a lot compared to Jordan.

Another example is Michael Vick. Michael Vick is a really bad example because he got arrested because he was gambling a lot and he was holding dog fights. Jackie Robinson would never do that. Jackie contrasts to Vick because he would never do anything that bad and that cruel. Robinson is a noble and modest person who would never hurt something that harsh like Vick. One quote is “I choose to fight, dogs don’t.” This means that he forcefully makes dogs fight which is really cruel.

Great Wide Sea Info-graphic (Problem and Solution)

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Winston Churchill (Sequence)

Winston Churchill is a strong and determined historical figure. He was born in 1874. His childhood was very hard but he grew smarter and stronger throughout his life.

Throughout his life he has shown perseverance ,and confidence. For example, first in Africa he got shot and captured he persevered and escaped.He also kept Britain and Europe not completely useless during World War II,however his greatest accomplishment was helping Britain gain a lot of confidence when Nazi, Germany attacked and won the war because he got U.S and an other country to help to win the war. During this time Britain and all of Europe was panicking because Nazi, Germany was completely demolishing the countries and everyone was afraid.

Winston Churchill once said, “ Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without no loss of enthusiasm.From this quote, we know we should never give up no matter what happens.

Carp gives a lesson in perseverance Info-graphic (Cause and Effect)

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Conclusion Paragraph

What we can learn from the perseverance of others in order to overcome adversity in today's world is that we have to keep trying to be happy no matter what happens. For example Robby Novak has osteogenisis imperfecta and he still acts happy. Even though he has that rare brittle bone disease he still acts like a really enthusiastic person.