By: James Preller


The conflict of this book is a boy named Eric Hayes moved to Bellport, Long Island and has no friends but ends up making friends with a bully.

Main Characters

  • Eric Hayes
  • Griffin Connelly
  • David Hallenback


This story takes place on a basketball court next to a cemetery in Bellport, Long Island.


Eric is a new kid in seventh grade in Bellport, Long Island. A boy named Griffin Connelly wants to be his friend. But when you are a new kid in town you don't really know who to hangout with. To Eric Griffin seems cool and popular. But Griffin is always a part of trouble. And if Griffin doesn't like you, you'd better watch your back. As Eric gets pulled further and further into Griffin’s dark world, he begins to see the truth about Griffin. He's a bully and a theif. Eric wants do the right thing. But in one quick moment he goes from being a bystander, to Griffin's next victim.


Page #79 "Pretzel"

The rest of the boys gathered in a sort of ring, forming a barricade that sealed Hallenback from the school and the noon aides. In a swift motion Griffin yanked Hallenbacks wrist hard. Hallenback fumbled into Griffin who gave him a strong shoulder into his chest. Wham. The blow stunned him. Hallenbacks head snapped back.

About The Author

Three Facts about the Author;

  1. The authors worst subject in school growing up was English.
  2. The authors first job was at Jones Beach Concessions.
  3. The Author writes most of his books in the basement of his house.