Andrew Jackson

The Zero for Native Americans and the Nation

The National Bank Tore Down

Andrew Jackson shut down the national bank. He thought that would do no good for a common man, so he purposely took all the money out with his executive powers. He then gave all this money to state bank. George Washington and Alexander Hamilton had made this bank to solve many domestic issues. It had worked out really well, until Jackson thought it was useless and closed it. He had vetoed the 2nd Bank of the United States when they tried to build it back again.

Indian Removal

Andrew Jackson did not like the Native Americans at all. There were 5 groups. They were a nuisance to him and therefore, needed to be moved away. In the beginning, it was just to get more land for settlers, but later they found gold in the Cherokee land. Though white men were still invading their area, after gold was found settlers wanted the Indians gone. Jackson made the Indians sign many treaties to get them to leave, but they did not. It was not fair to them becuase they were treated like strangers in their own land. They have even lived their longer! Soon they were forced to leave with a treaty, which ended up creating the Trail of Tears. This treaty promised them so much, but Andrew Jackson had never met his promises.

The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears was the moving of the Native American from Georgia to, present day, Oklahoma. The Indians were forced to walk all the way, enduring harsh weather, starvation, and many diseases. There were a few wagons that carried things. Many Cherokee and other tribes lost many children and elders. Diseases quickly spread which killed many. They were promised to be comfortable through out the way and to have a doctor with them as well. A lot of these promises were not even met, so many died because of that also.

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Andrew Jackson, first, took all the money from the national bank to make it fail. When they tried to rebuild it back, he vetoed it. Bankers were devastated, but the public seemed okay with it (in this cartoon). The person who made this obviously agrees with Jackson's choices.
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