Discovery Shuttle Missions

By. Abhinav Soma

The Discovery

The Discovery started being build in 1979 and was completed in October 1983. The Discovery went on its main mission in August of 1984. The Discovery was an 83 ton space shuttle.

The Discovery's Lifetime

The Discovery went a total of 39 missions in its life and The Discovery killed more people ever recorded in history.The Discovery stayed a total of 365 days in space. The number of miles it stayed in space is a total of 148,221,675.

Discovery's achivements

The Discovery wnt to the Earth's moon, it also went to asteroids that were near the Earth, and also went into Earth's orbit more than 300 times. Discovery also put the Hubble space telesoope into Earth's orbit and took down to Earth many times.

Discovery's Retires

The Discovery retries at 2011 with 39 missions. It was flown over Northern Virgina and Washington D.C and finally put down at The Smithsonian Museum at Washington D.C. When Discovery arrived it had a ceremony and was nose to nose with Enterprise.
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