Butter and Eggs

Tall Herb

What does Butter and Eggs look like?

The Butter and Eggs looks like a lolipop with bubbles.
The Butter and Eggs grows from May to Sept . The flower head grows to be 1 in long. The color of the the flower is banana yellow. The plant grows to be 6 to 36 inches tall. The name of the flower type is two lipped it looks like a bird beak. The leaf shape looks like seaweed. The name of the flower position is called spike-like a long stem.


The butter and Eggs habitat is in Fields, roadsides, and waste places.

Wow Facts

  • Did you know that the Butter and Eggs is poisonous to bugs because it could make a kind of tea that's poisonous to bugs.

When does it bloom

The Butter and Eggs bloom through May to Sept.

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