Features of good CLIL practice

Forum summary

Activities from the checklist

  • Different sorts of input e.g. visuals, video, film, websites, etc (Erika, Begoña, J.Ramon)
  • Giving peer feedback on oral and written output (Erika, Carmelo)
  • Clear, graded instructions in English (Nelson)
  • Learners speak English in class, formally and informally (Carmelo, Teresa)
  • Learners work cooperatively in pairs and groups (Teresa, J.Pablo)
  • Activities to promote output e.g. writing (Teresa, J.Pablo)

Similarities with Mrs Smith

  • Giving students time to answer questions (Erika)
  • Comprehension checks and clear instructions (Elena)
  • Warm encouragement and praise (Teresa)
  • Simple sentences and reformulating difficult utterances (J.Pablo)
  • Assessing content and language and giving feedback on language (Nelson)

Check out this video on giving and checking instructions in English

Language Link CELTA Trainer Giving Instructions

Resources and interaction

  • Substitution tables or charts to support writing (Carmelo)
  • More group, hands-on activities (Erika)
  • Using learning technologies or classroom walls to display language (Carmelo)
  • More frames to support speaking and writing (Begoña)
  • Fostering HOTS e.g. evaluation, creativity. Ask HOTS questions (Begoña, Carmelo)
  • Personalising the topic (J.Pablo)