Date rape drug

What is Rohypnol?

Tranquilizer, about 10 times for potent than valium

It has the ability to render someones unconscious and and disorientated on awake has been exploited by rapists

White or olive-green pill color

How is it taken?

  • Crushed up or snorted
  • Sprinkle on weed and smoke
  • Dissolved in drink
  • Injected

Slang Terms

1. R2

2. Roofinol

3. Forget-Me-Pill

4. Roche

5. Rope

6. Mexican Valium

7. Roofies

8. Roche

9. Ribs

10. Roch-2

Drug Effects

LONG-TERM: Headaches, extreme anxiety, loss of identity, cardiovascular collapse, and withdrawl seizures.

Can produce physical and psychological dependence

SHORT-TERM: Dizziness, nausea, sleepiness, extreme relaxation, drunk feeling for 2-8 hours, blackouts, memory loss, difficulty with motor movements and speaking, inability to think clearly and logically,

Rohypnol effects take place after 30 minutes of being digested

Signs of Abuse

Loss of consciousness

Physical and psychological effects and dependence

Visual disturbance or hallucination

Loss of bodily control and/or functions

Dependence and Addiction

Leads to a higher tolerance of the drug (needing a larger doses)

Signs of dependence: Skipping school to use the drug, impaired speech and balance, or having sleeping problems

Negative outcome- distress, coma, or death