Ancient Pyramids

Come see the great pyramids!

What are the great pyramids?

Egyptians made the pyramids for the Pharos this showed how they worshiped them. There are over 130 pyramids in Egypt. There are so many pyramids because there are tomb robbers and invdors. The pyramids were build from the beginning of the old kingdom. More than 4,000 years later, the Egyptian pyramids still remain much of their majesty. They were build during a time when Egypt was one of the richest and most Greatest pyramids of Giza. They are some of the most magnificent structures in the world. You will want to visit it!

What do the pyramids look like?

The pyramids are made out of stone. Some of the pyramids even look like giant steps. That would be a great photo to take! The stones where so heavy that one stone weight the same amount as one elephant. Also, they had to line up each stone perfectly straight otherwise the tips won't point up to each other. Lastly, the pyramids are so big that is took 23 years to build.

Some types of pyramids

It's a great experience!

Are they all the same?

All the pyramids are similar. One way they are similar is because they look different. Some look like steps and some are flat. Also, because some pyramids you can't go inside of. Some you can't go inside of because there is low oxygen. Every pyramid has a different meaning so they are similar.

What does the building of pyramids tell us about human society?

The building of pyramids tells us about human society that Egyptians honored the Pharos. This is why Pharos are buried into a pyramid.

Why did the Egyptians want the pyramids to be spectacular?

The egyptians wanted the pyramids to be spectacular. They wanted this because the pyramids showed a pharos importance. Also, because they believed pharaohs were a link to gods and controlled everyones afterlife.

Come visit the pyramids!

You should definitely come visit the great pyramids. They are still amazing even though they are 23 years old. It is definitely a lifetime experience. Also, it's amazing for people who love the sun. Hope to see you soon. Don't forget to bring lots of water!