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SETTINGS kitchen, attic,doorway CHARACTERS

zayde sol,ghisa ,nana sashie, rache leah,rache's father

RISING ACTION rache want to figure out who were the people that killed nana sashie parents on the night

TE#6 when nana sashie told rache when they killed her parents

CLIMAXnana sashie was telling rache when it had happen and she remembers about her babies brothers she had that were 5 months

TE #14,15 when nana sashie was telling rache the story again when rache got back from the dentist apointment

FALLING ACTIONMR.wheeler dealer ghisa said to joe that nana sashie dad was friend of him then he brings back memories

TE#19 when MR wheeler dealer told joe her wife that nana sashie dad had work all day lathes,drills and bolt

REVOULUTION vesnatfka thought that the villages dreadful epitaph no survivors were there not even a cat and the chilling rumors

TE#36were joe works he learned about that


  1. fact when nana sashie told rache about her parents had a heart attack when nana sashie was ten years old
  2. fact were nana sashie parents had their heart attack was in russia year 1899
  3. nana sashie escaped because she didn't want to get killed by some russians when she was 10 years old she left her babies brothers at home when they were 5 months old