The Titan's Curse

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Rick Riordan

By:Katrina Kowalczyk

Spoiler Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This flyer may or may not give away some very suspensful points of this story


Main Characters- Percy son of Poseidon, Thalia daughter of Zeus, Grover Satyr, Zoë hunter of Artemis

Minor Characters- Annabeth daughter of Athena, Bianca becoming huntress of Artemis, Nico Bianca's little brother, Artemis Greek goddess of the hunt....



Percy's friend Annabeth has fallen off a cliff! Percy is desprite to save her and so is his frienimie Thalia. Zoë is frantic because Artemis goes missing while hunting old pray.


Where and When

Where: This story takes place in multiple places across the US like New York, Mane, and San Francisco. A big battle is held on Mt. Tamalpais

When: The story takes place One the last day before winter brake up until the winter solstice

Pic:of mount tam,_1896.jpg

Rising action

  • Percy and the others help save Bianca and Nico di Angelo
  • Annabeth falls of a cliff
  • Artemis goes missing
  • Quest to find Artemis and save Annabeth
Team includes: Zoë, Bianca, Percy (not originally), Thalia, Grover

  • travel to the junk yard of the gods
  • Bianca dies
  • The travel to Hover Dam
  • Go to Mt. Tam


The Quest leads the heroes to Fight the General at Mt. Tam



The theme of this book is the right choice might not always be the easy one.

I know this because Thalia was tempted to take power, but with her friends telling her the right choice she was able to resist. Percy let Bianca go to stop the giant refrigerator (or Talos) which saved the quest, but Bianca died. It was one of the hardest things Percy had to do. When Percy holds the sky he is allowing Artemis to help save his friends while he holds a force that may kill him.



"No!" Zoë said. "The Hunters don't need thy help.'

"Your," Thalia grumbled. "Nobody has said thy in, like, three hundred years Zoë. Get with the times"

Zoë hesitated, like she was trying to form the word correctly. "Yerrr. We do not need yerrr help."

Zoë is really old so She uses words like thy.


"Ursa Major is in the north," she said, "which means that must be west."

"Oh, Ya," I said, " the bear thing."

Zoë looked offended. "Show some respect. It was a fine bear. A worthy opponent."

shows how Zoë feels about serten thing to do with her life.

Figurative Language

3 types of figurative language in this story

  1. Descriptive page 161. We'd arrived on the outskirts of a little ski town nestled in the mountains. The sign said WELCOME TO CLOUDCROFT NEW MEXICO. The air was cold and thin. The roofs of the cabins were heaped with snow, and dirty mounds of it were piled up on the sides of the streets.
  2. Onomatopoeia page 192. Something went PING.
  3. Metaphor page 54. Her face was chalk white.

why these examples are important

  1. This is were Grover has a connection with Pan the god of the wild, and this reflects later in the series.
  2. This is when the "toes" come alive, and are what causes Bianca's death.
  3. This foreshadows that Thalia is scared of heights.

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