Spanish Newsletter

Week of February 18-12 2013

What we did this week...

Greetings Parents/Guardians!

This week students finished and presented their "ser vs. estar" projects. Students had the opportunity to choose how they wanted to present their understanding between the two verbs and it was interesting to see the variety of products. Many student groups used "storybird" to show their skills. Storybird is an online source that allows students to collaborate, write and publish a story using beautiful illustrations from various artists. I have included an example of a student's book that he created so that you can see how we used storybird.

To wrap up our unit 4 skills, students have been crafting a dialogue using all of the new learning. Students are working in groups of two or three and have selected a scenario on which to base their dialogue. Student groups will be presenting these dialogues in class today (block 6) or tomorrow (block 3)

Also this week, we went on a "mini field trip" to the language lab (which is across the hall from our class room) to learn about the Spanish software program that we purchased to help augment students' language skills. The program is called "fluenz" and students have found it to be very user friendly and helpful with their listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. Students have the opportunity to earn extra credit in Spanish for each unit that they complete. If students do not wish to use the language lab, they will not be penalized for not attending. The language lab is open during block 1 everyday.

If you have any questions about this software program, please don't hesitate to ask me.

Coming up Next Week...


We will return to school on Wednesday March 6th.