Weekly Wellness Update

Week of May 31- June 4 - Benefits of Sunlight on Wellness

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5 Ways the Sun Impacts Your Mental and Physical Health

We often hear about the risks of getting too much sun. While it’s true that sunburns and skin cancer are very real threats and that SPF is essential, there are also positive effects of sun exposure. The sun is much more than its potential pitfalls and can do plenty of good things for your body — soaking up some sunlight can do wonders for your mind, bones, and more.

When you give your skin access to a healthy dose of the sun’s rays, you are likely to experience some tangible benefits immediately. Here are five ways the sun can affect your mental and physical health.

Here Comes the Sun: Mental Health Benefits of Sunshine

The Following Video is Very Interesting Around the Benefits of the Sun, Please Watch Until the End!

The Sun's Benefits Are Way More than Vitamin D