Destri Sharp

What is "SIDS"?

SIDS is the acronym for "sudden infant death syndrome". Caused by a newborn infants inability to move their own heads out of the way of a stuffed animal, fluffy blanket, or even the intake of their own carbon dioxide.

2014-2015 statistics:

In the year 2014 35,000 infants were victim to SIDS. A mindboggling number for a condition which is always unexpected and a heartbreaking surprise to mothers, babysitters, etc. As more young parents and caretakers become aware of SIDS, the risk can be reduced but not 100% preventable.

Do's & Don'ts

Don't EVER dismiss the seriousness of SIDS or SUID. (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death)

Facts and Myths about SIDS:

1.Myth: My baby can "catch" SIDS.

Fact: A baby cannot catch SIDS. SIDS is not caused by an infection. Therefore it cannot spread.

2. Myth: Shots, vaccines, immunizations, and medicines cause SIDS.

Fact: Recent evidence suggests that shots for vaccines may have a protective effect against SIDS. All babies should see their health care providers regularly for well-baby checkups and should get their shots on time as recommended by their health care provider.