Multiplying and dividing decimals

Multiplying decimals

You need it for money

You need to know how to multiply and divide decimals cause of money. Such as a cashier trying to multiply and divide up the price of a product such as 5 5.99 products. Then you can divide money too. If you and your one sister had $20.50 to split you would need to divide how much each you and your sister would get. That is one reason why you need to know how to multiply and divide decimals.

How you multiply decimals

First when you multiply decimals you do simple mutuplucation but ignore the decimals. However after you have gotten the answer you count all the numbers that are after the decimal. For example if there are 3 numbers after you found three and put the decimal 3 right to left. That is how you multiply decimals. Always check your work by dividing.

How you divide decimals

To divide decimals it is the same thing as regular division but if you have 12.32 divided by 5 once you get to the point were you have to use the decimal you need to just bring the decimal up and when I say up I mean directly up then keep dividing to get your awnser. That is how you divide decimals.

You want to multiply and divide decimals

Yes you do

How it makes your life easer

To make your life easer to multiply you wouldn't want to add forever for example if you bought. 50 13.99 products you wouldn't want to add 50 times if you can just multiply. You should use multiplication . Decision helps share things. If you need to split a 100.50 doller bill between 4 people you would need to know how to divide with decimals. Use devision and multiplication.