Out of my Mind

By: Sharon M. Draper


Out of my Mind is about a young girl, named Melody. She is a girl who has cerebral palsy. She cannot talk or walk, so she has to be pushed around in a wheel chair all her life. Later on in the story she ends up getting a Medi-Talker. It is a device that will talk for her. All she has to do is type in what she wants to say and the Medi-Talker will say it for her!

Main Characters

Melody- The main character who has cerebal palsy. She is super smart but no one knows because she can't talk. Once she gets her Medi-Talker people figure out that she is acually a really smart girl.

Melody's Mom- Melody's mom is a kind-hearted person but when someone says something about Melody that she doesnt like, she will tell them. She sticks up for Melody alot.

Mrs. V- Mrs. V is a family friend, she will watch Melody whenever she needs to. She is also very helpful and caring towards Melody. She will do almost anything for her.

Penny- Penny is Melody's little sister. She is still only a little kid, so she needs to be watched all the time. Mrs V. will also watch her and do anything for her.

External Conflict


External Conflict: When Melody goes to school and goes out in public a lot of people are always staring at her and sometimes making fun of her because of her cerebral palsy. If she could have one wish, she would pick to be normal like everyone else and be able to talk and walk and do anything everyone else is able to do.

The book cover and its role in the book

The picture on the front cover of Out of my Mind plays a huge role in this book! It is a picture of a fish jumping out of its fish bowl. This is the way Melody feels. She is stuck inside and she is not able to talk, walk, eat, play outside. All she can do is watch and think about how much fun it would be to do that.

My Thoughts

I really liked this book because it was in Melody's point of view. I was able to know what she was thinking and how she felt. She also said a lot of what others were saying to her. It was a very understandable book and there was not a time in the book where I got bored and didn't know what was going on.