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What's Inside A Cigarette?

In a cigarette, there are a lot of chemicals which are harmful to your body and one of them is nicotine which is very addictive. The word addictive means you constantly want it. Other chemicals you can find in a cigarette are carbon monoxide, toluene, urea, hydrazine, acetone, cyanide, tar, formaldehyde and much more!

Smoking Leads To Many Diseases And Cancers

Believe it or not, smoking leads to many diseases and cancers and it doesn't effect your body immediately, it usually effects your body after a few years. You may get gum disease, stomach cancer, stroke, lung cancer, heart disease, yellow stains on your fingers and bad teeth as a result of smoking. Worst of all, smoking can cause damage to your eyes and one day you may go blind.

Different Places You Find Nicotine

People don't just smoke cigarettes, they also smoke electronic cigarettes, hookah lamps, snuff, cigarillos and cigars. They all have one common harmful chemical inside them which is nicotine.

So Much Money!

Did you know that the average smoker wastes about $1000 per year on cigarettes? Would you like to be one of them? I don't think so.... you're wasting too much money on useless things and instead you could spend that money on useful things.
Smoking and its effects on Health - Stop today!