Oregon State University

Home of The Beavers

Where is it located? What programs does it offer for your career?

  • Its located in Corvallis, OR 97331
  • It offers us students who want to go into teaching elementary/Middle School/High School hands on experience by putting us in an appropriate learning environment under the guidance of our professional teachers.
  • Oregon State will help you find your path to becoming an Educator,They'll work with you to find or create the right program for you which matches your best interest..

How much does it cost for all the years needed to complete your goal? (including tuition, fees, and dorm room)

  • In state it costs $10,107 for tuition and fees.
  • And for Dorm room and board it costs $11,691.
  • Overall together it costs $21,798 a year.

How do I get In?(Admission)

  • Need 4 years of English.
  • Need 3 years of Mathematics culminating at the Algebra II level or higher.
  • Need 3 years of Science
  • Need 2 years of a language
  • Prefer a 3.0 GPA
  • Take ACT/SAT test, An essay will be an optional portion on the test.

What is the enrollment (how many kids go there) and student/teacher ratio?

  • 30,058 go to Oregon State University.
  • The ratio of students is 19.o
  • The ratio of Teachers is

Location Info: What city?, What are some fun things to do?

  • It's in Corvallis, OR 97331
  • Some fun things to do
  • What is the weather like

Paying for College or Trade School: