Mission San Antonio de Padua

By, Jorge Portilla Aldana

Mission History

Mission San Antonio de Padua was built and founded on July 14, 1771. Mission San Antonio de Padua was the 3rd of all 21 missions. The Indians that built the mission included Salian Indians and some Yokuts. The founder of the mission was Fr. Junipero Serra. On 1773 it was moved to a diffrent location, on 1775 there was an Indian attack in the mission, and seclurized on 1834. Mission San Antonio de Padua's location is 60 miles south east of Monterey in a valley of the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Daily Life at Mission

People who lived at the mission were Salian Indians, Yokut Indians, priests, and soldiers. The person in charge of Mission San Antonio de Padua was Fr. Junipero Serra although he was in charge of all 21missions. The Indians mostly all the chores at the mission. Some chores at the mission for men were plowing the fields, working in workshops, women cooked the food, and wove. The crops grown at Mission San Antonio de Padua included corn, beans, peas, and fruit trees. There was a school that children attended. There was also a church, workshops, granaries, and kitchens. There was also free time for the Mission Indians had sometimes free time.

Mission Today

Mission San Antonio de Padua is still functioning today. This mission also gives daily masses for the community at the church still standing. Mission San Antonio includes a museum for visitors.



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