Newfoundland Dogs

the cutest puppys ever

facts about them

Despite their wonderful nature, it is important to realise that as a puppy they can easily knock down a young child and supervision must be maintained. They can get over excited, like any puppy, and damage can easily be done unintentionally.Newfoundlands are people dogs. They will never do well away from their family, outside in a kennel. They will follow you about all over the house, will be in front of the cooker when you are trying to cook, will be next to you when you are sitting at your desk. And they love to lean on people! This can be a very endearing trait, but remember how heavy they are when they decide to lean against someone who is a bit fragile.

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They also like to give a paw, and this is not really something that you want to encourage. My arms used to be covered in bruises, simply where Ady had given me her paw.These dogs drink vast amounts of water and they like to sleep outside in the evenings, especially in the summer. They will get very frustrated if they cannot do this, so a home with no garden is definitely unsuitable.

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