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October, 2021

Off to a great start...

In addition to putting lots of books in kids' hands to begin our year, starting research, jumping into curriculum, we learned about Dot Week, and Freedom Week and had an author visit! Thanks to Blue Willow Bookstop for sharing Amy Timberlake and her books with us! It's always so much fun to celebrate Dot Week with Ms. Little!

It's so exciting to be so busy already! We have WONDERFUL new and returning volunteers, for which I'm VERY gratefu!! If volunteer opportunities appeals to you, please let us know! You're always welcome!

Book Fair Opens October 1st and closes Oct. 7! Come Visit at Open House! (or Volunteer!)

Email Mrs. Phipps if you'd like to help us out or signup on the Signup Genius

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Class Work

Pre-K and PPCD and Fundamental Skills classes are coming each week. We usually have a song or a story and share another book. They've had lessons about library books so far! Pre-K has learned about community helpers, Peter Reynolds, and themselves!

Kindergarten classes have learned to check out 2 books and have learned about fiction and nonfiction, and being great users of the library. We learned about weather, mental images, and the BookFlix program.

First graders learned about choosing "just right books" and the 2x2 reading program as well as learning about all the connections in texts. They are learning to predict with fiction and nonfiction. We spent time using clues in our reading to infer what the author was telling us! We learned Freedom Week and did some beginning research on that topic. This week we focused on connections and inferencing.

Second grade We worked on genres for several weeks as well as finding "just right" chapter books. Ask them about the way to remember the fiction genres! We did a lot of writing in 2nd grade in the library as well. It's fun to look at books and analyze their writing style. 2nd graders learned about Constitution Day as their first research topic. We also read the beginning of Skunk and Badger by Amy Timberlake before her virtual author visit from Blue Willow Book Store.

K-2 readers will be working on the 2x2 reading program. Your students should have information about this program, but if you need more information, please check out the library website on the Marek page, give us a call or send us an email! We're here to help!

Third grade learned about various fiction authors to help them find a just right book and worked on attributes of the different fiction genres. We learned about story elements and character traits, as well. Third grade's whole group research project was Constitution Day. We all learned a lot about the branches of government and the Constitution. We discussed different types of communities and what people do in each. Mrs. Shirah's students are doing planet research, as well. Third graders read the first chapter of Skunk and Badger, too. Great author visit!

Fourth graders are working on their Bluebonnet books! They are also in the beginning of Texas History. They are studying Texas regions and maps and are moving into Texas Native Americans. We also spent time learning about the different genres in reading, story elements, sequencing, and point of view. We're also looking at lots of literature and noticing how the authors are crafting their stories for writing. We read From Pictures to Words to start this off! Amy Timberlake visited 4th-grade classrooms, too. I saw several students purchase Skunk and Badger so they could hear the rest of it! Thank you!

Fifth grade is starting out with their Bluebonnet reading and finding good books! They are choosing some great books for their "40 Book Project"! It's amazing to see these fabulous readers making such great choices! We've also worked on choosing books for plot summaries, nonfiction elements and text to world connections! Mrs. Landers, from the Houston Bar Association, read What's the Big Deal About Elections and left that book with our library!

Mrs. Landers from the Houston Bar Association

Mrs. Landers read What's the Big Deal About Elections to our 5th graders for Constitution Day, September 17th!
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