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After watching the video below I felt i had no choice but to switch to the QRS PEMF Mat. Last thing I wanted to do was cause any harm to my self when i was trying to help my self.
BEMER = ELECTROSMOG - QRS vs iMRS vs BEMER - Dr. True Ott - PEMF Review

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qrs pemf reviews
Dr. True Ott - Student of Two Time Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling

Dr. True Ott, PhD from Mother Earth Minerals in Ogden Utah shows that the BEMER produces Electrosmog or Bad EMF with peaks as high as 60 with his electrosmog meter!

Senator Ted Alvarez of Jacksonville Florida who owns and now uses a QRS was kind enough to lend us his old BEMER for testing.

Dr. True Ott was a student of Linus Pauling, the two time Nobel Prize winner and mega vitamin C therapy promoter.

We were getting very high electrosmog readings for both the iMRS (31 peak) and even higher for the BEMER (60 peak).

Both the iMRS and the BEMER should be used with EXTREME CAUTION!

The QRS patents for clearing electrosmog or bad EMF out of your body are REAL!

The QRS was the last of the three PEMF devices we tested, the others being the BEMER and the iMRS.

WARNING! - Use of Devices like the iMRS, BEMER, and many other PEMF Devices that Produce ELECTROSMOG Can Be DANGEROUS to Your HEALTH! Proceed with Extreme CAUTION!

QRS PEMF 101.5 Home System Features

QRS-101.5 has three programs, called: BASIS, VITAL and RELAX. Within each of these programs are three intensity gradations - labeled - Sensitive - Medium - and Intensive. The magnetic field cycles emitted from the applicators (mat, pillow, pen) are between 0.1 Hz and 1000 Hz.

The higher frequencies (250 HZ - 1000Hz) are primarily responsible for initiating the biochemical processes within the body for increasing cell membrane permeability and re-establishing normal electrical potentials.

The lower frequencies (< 22 Hz) are within the range of normal brainwave frequencies and body rhythms. You may choose from three preset timed duration's of 8 min. 16 min. or 24 minutes. You may also manually vary the time from one minute to sixty minutes.

BASIS - is a general maintenance program. The magnetic field is composed of the following frequency cycles: 3 Hz, 22 Hz, 500 Hz, 750 Hz, and 1000 Hz. The BASIS Program focuses on Ion transport, especially protons, into the cells, thus enhancing cell metabolism & cellular communication. These settings may also help invigorate the circulation.

VITAL - enhances the output given at the higher intensity settings and promotes a greater level of activity and energy in the body. The dominant frequencies are: 0.1 Hz, 10 Hz, 22 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 750 Hz. and 1000 Hz. Focus is on activation of nitric oxide for improved blood flow, oxygenation and circulation.

RELAX - activation of the parasympathetic nervous system to optimize relaxation. Dominant frequencies: 0.3 Hz, 1.5 Hz, and 3 Hz, 10Hz, 22 Hz and 30 Hz. Positive influence upon immune system, relaxation, sleeping and stress. Other frequencies are present, but suppressed including - 200Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 1000Hz).

Magnetic Field Indicator - a flashing green Led indicator light on the QRS body mat and pad tells you that the mat is working properly. The LCD indicator window displays programming functions and error codes.

  • Optional Alarm - choose to end the session with an alarm tone or without

  • Programmable Timer - select a preset session time of - eight minutes, sixteen minutes or twenty-four minutes. It is also possible to manually input a session time from one to sixty minutes.

  • Delayed Timer Function - the QRS allows for a delayed starting time. For example, if the desired effect wears off during the middle of the night, you can set the timer for the QRS to start up at a given time during the night in order to ensure around the clock relief.

  • Two Independent Timers - QRS allows connection of two therapy mats with individual programming.

  • QRS 101 Home System Magnetic Therapy PEMF Machine

    The Quantron-Resonance System (QRS) is an advanced Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy system (PEMF) for fast pain relief, relaxation and well-being. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy can benefit individuals of any age group and any level of wellness or fitness. QRS is especially beneficial for elderly or sedentary individuals who are not engaging in regular exercise. QRS proven results are backed by over 20 years of research at leading European universities and it has been awarded several international patents.

    The QRS has been successfully used by thousands of individuals world-wide since 1991, with no negative side-effects. Automated programming makes the QRS easy and convenient to use. The basic programs can be manually adjusted for magnetic field intensity and session times.

    We have been marketing the QRS for over 20 years. Honestly, sometimes we just want to shout and say....Stop Being Sick! Stop buying into the failed corporate medical system of GMO foods, vaccines for every imagined disease, a pill for every problem and get back to the foundations of LIFE!......Frequency, Electricity, Oxygen and Magnetism. These are different kinds of foods that your body needs to rebuild itself from the cellular level on up.

    The answer is not more drugs! The QRS is not covered by insurance, so there is a price to pay. However, there is a much greater price to pay for a life time of suffering, discomfort, pain and dependence upon pharmaceutical chemicals with their horrendous side-effects.

    Magnetic Field Therapy That is Easy to Use

    QRS is a fast and easy to use tool for fast relief and recovery from the symptoms of over-exertion, lower back pain, muscle aches and strains, nervous tension and every day emotional stress. Daily use of the QRS can improve overall feelings of well-being and relaxation. There are many magnetic mattress pads available that utilize a system of permanent magnets sewn into the pad material. The QRS should not be confused with these steady field permanent magnet pads. QRS is an active, dynamic pulsed magnetic field that offers many more benefits.

    QRS is not just ordinary magnetic therapy. Hundreds of international studies have demonstrated that pulsing magnetic fields produce far superior results than may be obtained from permanent field magnets alone. The QRS delivers a series of pulsating magnetic field frequencies. There three main magnetic field programs - called BASIS, VITAL and RELAX that may be manually selected to optimize your results.

    The patented double-sawtooth waveform produces an active and penetrating energy that dynamically acts to produce a wide range of beneficial results. The QRS is not designed as a treatment for any specific medical problems. Rather, it works to help relax and invigorate the system and move one towards a higher state of well-being.

    Patented Technology

    The patented, double sawtooth waveform produces all of the integer harmonics (odd and even) of the primary frequency. While the common static field magnetics can be beneficial, the pulsating or moving magnetic field of the QRS results in much deeper penetration of the beneficial energies. As a result of the increased relaxation, blood circulation may be improved and the by-products of inflammation and toxins more easily removed from the tissues.

    The QRS double sawtooth waveform with its odd and even frequency harmonics is able to cause a transport of ions and release bound calcium from cell membranes. This free calcium can then be utilized by the body for appropriate functions such as building bone tissue. QRS waveform resonates with cellular structures and minerals, such as calcium, sodium and potassium in order to help normalize the electrical charge of cell membranes. Therefore, the body is energized from the cellular level on up and the individual has greater vitality.

    QRS mat employs a special mesh material that evenly distributes the magnetic pulse throughout the mat for greater effectiveness. This makes the QRS mat light weight, comfortable and flexible. Competitors use the old-fashioned bulky coils that produce uneven magnetic fields to the body.

    Using the QRS as little as eight minutes two times per day offers long-lasting relief throughout the day from the minor aches and discomfort associated with over-exertion, arthritis, sporting injuries, recovery from surgery and more. QRS magnetic therapy mobilizes the body's resources for faster recovery!

    The QRS Magnetic Pulse Cycle has Several Main Frequency Components

    A. 200Hz - which can improve circulation and cellular metabolism

    B. 23Hz - neutralizes the effects of 60 Hz. electromagnetic frequency fields...electromagnetic pollution

    C. 3Hz - corresponds to the Delta brainwave to deeply relax body and mind; improves sleep and reduces stress
    D. Automatic eight minute cycle with reversal of magnetic polarity every two minutes.

    E. Active pulsing for nine seconds, then three second off throughout the eight minute cycle to prevent adaptation or accommodation as may occur with systems using a constant, non-varying magnetic field.

    In addition to these frequencies there are many other frequencies encapsulated within the Quantronic signal that cover the spectrum of cell frequencies up to 1,000 Hz. The pad contains a special mesh screen that runs the length of the mat to evenly and effectively cover the entire body. Some inexpensive units being sold utilize a less efficient layout of simple copper coils in the mat.

    The automatically controlled pulsating magnetic field produces a dynamic resonance in the body which is many times more effective than ordinary permanent magnets. For local applications, there is a Pillow Pad that may be placed over any selected area of the body. The magnetic field penetrates the body entirely without adverse effects. The QRS magnetic system strengthens weakened bodily functions and physical resistance and enhances the metabolism. Pulsed magnetic fields enhance circulation, oxygenation and act to normalize the cell membrane potential.

    QRS may be used 1-3 times a day for eight to sixty minutes each time. Positive effects may last up to twelve hours and the benefits are accumulative as the body rejuvenates and repairs itself. QRS pulsed magnetic field energy is so remarkable that most individuals feel a profound relaxation effect within the first four minutes of use. This state of relaxation may endure throughout the day and has many long-term preventive health benefits with consistent use.

    The QRS magnetic field was designed to operate in harmony with the body's own subtle energy fields. The maximum field strength of the QRS is 40 micro-tesla, or 0.4 Gauss. In comparison, the average magnetic field strength of the Earth is 0.5 Gauss. Many popular magnetic bands, wraps and braces are much stronger than the QRS, but lack the dynamic pulsed resonance effect. The comparison is made to point out the compatibility of the QRS magnetic field levels with the body's natural energies. Therefore, even sensitive individuals report a very positive experience with QRS.


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