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Holiday Season

Raise your hand if the Fall is your favorite time of year!! ME! ME! The weather is changing, the holidays are approaching and families are coming together. One of the most challenging aspects of the holidays is keeping your health in balance. As the weather changes we start to see more and more people pass around the germs, its important to keep your immune system working at top notch. In addition, most people gain a little extra circumference on their bodies as family gathers and friends join for cookie exchanges. But can we get through the season, stay healthy and still enjoy ourselves? ABSOLUTELY! We never want to feel deprived, and at the same time, we also don't want to have a wonderful feast and then have negative emotions afterwards either. In this newsletter you will get some excellent tips for staying healthy and fit while enjoying this special time. Since the beginning of time, food has been the center of gatherings. It will NEVER change. Ever. So lets embrace it!

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November FREEbies

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Dr. Angela Scopel did our Product Education wellness call on October 31, 2016 called "Staying Healthy during the Holidays." Here is a brief summary of her call.

1. Sleep

Recovery is key to everything! What is your sleep routine? Great sleep starts before you hit the pillow.


1. Wake up and go to bed at the same time everyday. Even during the holidays!

2. Get outside daily for 20 mins and enjoy the sunshine. 20 minutes in the sun generates 15,000 IU of Vitamin D!

3. Apply stress away roll on to remain calm throughout the day

4. Instead of napping, drink NingXia Nitro as a healthy and natural pick me up while staying true to your sleep cycle.

5. Keep alert with Peppermint Essential Oil


1. Take a relaxing oil-infused bath

2. Diffuse in your room at night

3. Use supplements as needed for sleep

4. Keep lighting low & turn on screen light on iphone to "nighttime"

5. Avoid watching TV & checking emails just before sleeping

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2. Stress Managment

Managing stress is key to hormonal balance, digestion, sleep, mental clarity, energy, immune function and much more! We can't always live 100% stress free, so we give ourselves the tools needed to easily make it through our day. Making your own roller ball bottles are the way to go for quick application, especially while on the go. Save your old Essential Oil bottles, pull off the label, add a mixture of your favorite oils, put a roller ball on top and label! Below are Angela's top oils for a stress-less day!
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3. Nutrition

Listen to your body before, during and after you eat. What is your body telling you about the nutrition (or lack there of) that you may or may not have provided. Food is meant to supply us with nutrients along with calories for energy. If your food is void of nutrition but abundant in calories; this is actually stressful to the body. This takes our energy rather than gives us energy. Below are some health providing products

Angela's Feast Tip: Do a modified fast throughout the day while waiting to eat your big feast. Satisfy your hunger with one of our fiber filled shakes.

4. Exercise

Exercise is movement. Whether that be vacuuming, a walk around the block, a Zumba class or a Bootcamp class. Determine your own abilities and make a plan! Each time you move, continue at the same intensity and duration until it is no longer challenging. THEN, increase either the intensity or the duration each week. Exercise is key to every chemical and physical process in our body. There is not one cell that is not benefited by exercise. So, how will you move? What do YOU enjoy? What can YOU do personally?
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Christmas DIY Gifts

Friends and Family LOOOOVVVEE homemade gifts, especially when they smell so yummy!! You can do so many things to make your oily gifts straight from the heart! I suggest making a big batch of one item, like this sugar scrub in the picture below. You'll have them on hand to quickly put into a gift bag and give to your friends. Another idea to to make a simple or an extravagant, themed gift basket based on the interests of your receiver. Some ideas are below.
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How to put your basket together

1. Make your nice list :)

2. Start collecting baskets from goodwill, garage sales etc. (or buy new!)

3. Choose a theme for your basket (what is your recipients interests??)

4. Choose 3-4 DIY items to include in the basket

5. Gather up all your supplies to make your DIY recipes

6. Order all your containers from someplace like

7. Make your DIY items

8. Decorate the container/jar/bottle with labels, stickers, tags, scrapbook items

9. Beef up your basket with extra items from places like Marshalls, Trader Joes, TJ Maxx)

10. Walla! You are done!

NEW MEMBERS!!! This flyer is for YOU!

Anytime you have someone getting started, sent them this flyer below. (It is almost an identical copy of this flyer but without a specific date). I will update as needed. It is also a great idea to save on your home screen on your phone for instant access anytime.

Amy Cassels

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