Childhood Hunger

By: McKenzie Timms and Tanner Ballengar

Childhood Hunger

When you eat do you think about the people around the world that is starving every single day it is a very heartbroken thing. Just think that person right beside you could only eat from what they got from school and then when they go home they don't have anything to eat. There could be lots of reasons why they don't have food maybe mom or dad lost there job. Maybe they got laid off of work. You never know what could be going on in your friends lives or any other persons live.

What are the risks for children who suffer from childhood hunger?

There is almost the estimated of how many right now in the world that is stuffing from childhood hunger 800,000. To help them to stop childhood hunger is to donate food to Africa or any other place in world that are stuffing without any food in the house to eat. If you could help anyone it will save thousands of lives instead of people dying each day.

Why would a person suffer from childhood hunger?

People suffer from hunger because there family member don't get enough money from work to feed there children. Either they lost there jobs and can't find another one. If I could help them which I do by clothes I donate to the Goodwill. If I could sent them money I would but I don't know how.

How many people are impacted on childhood hunger?

The only thing I really feel bad for them is that almost 17.million are not eating every single day. If I was one of them I would try to find copper and sell it so I can get money to help my family out. That is what I think they need to do to help there family out. They could find a different why to help there family.


STOP CHILDHOOD HUNGER IT WILL SAVE LIVES.............................:(


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