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About: Satchel Paige ************** By: Sophie

His Amazing Accomplishments.

Satchel Paige was an amazing pitcher for many teams. As of 1926 he became the most famous show man. That is very impressive! In 1971 he was happily elected to the hall of fame. Another thing is in 1942 he became the highest paid baseball player! Unbelievable!

How About Those Experiences!

In 1947 Satchel Paige married Lahoma Brown. Also in 1952 he was chosen to play in the Major League Star Game!

He was...

Leroy Robert "Satchel" Paige was a very hardworking, outstanding, and adaptable.

Satchel was hardworking. How else do you think he got as far as he did. He got on the hall of fame, became most famous showman, and all together he was just a great pitcher!

He is also OUTSTANDING. He was such an amazing pitcher. What a great role model! Everything he did was amazing. He is an idol for so many baseball players, especially pitchers.

Another thing that Satchel was is adaptable. He pitched for many different teams. But that didn't effect how he played. He didn't care that he kept changing teams. He worked, worked, worked!

My Interview with him...

Me: "Do you ever regret playing on so many different teams?"

Satchel: "No, I feel like the more teams I play on the more of an adventure it is."

Me: "How did you feel when you were put on the hall of fame?"

Satchel: " Amazing, it felt so good and I knew all of it was worth it."

Me: "Do you ever think it's weird being excepted to the major leagues at 40?"

Satchel: "No, I never really thought about that."

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