Helpful Links

here are a few more links that maybe of interest

Thanks for a Great Staff Development Day


Teaching resources for book studies - very extensive

Direct Link to Shellie’s page on updated Multimodal resources

Link to Erin Bradshaw Continuum resources

Excellent resource of websites, PDFs and ideas to effectively teach comprehension

Big Book Worksheets


Maths Interactives Suitable for Stage 3

K-6 Program Checklists Maths - New Curriculum - S Tancred - An excellent resource to review and utilise when you are implementing the New Maths curriculum.

K-6 Class Overview Sheets - New Curriculum - S Tancred

Check out the Junction Public Schools Smore- Super Maths Links


Free Online Photo Software Worth a look for all the things you can do with images

Instant Google Street View

Get Smart Interactive Website Links to a vast array of online resources

Symbaloo Introduction

Symbaloo Tutorial