Do Ink

Let's have fun with the green screen!

Kline Whitis Elementary

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What's the deal with the green wall????

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What can you do with it?

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Step 1

You will need the Do Ink app.

The app will be on 5 of the cart iPads and we have a few purchased. Teachers who have plans to make good use of the app may be able to have it pushed to their teacher iPads.

We'll talk. :-)

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Step 2

You need a green screen.

You may need to reserve the Maker Space so that you will have access to the green wall or you can use green material, paper or even a plastic table cloth for a green screen in your classroom or other location.

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Step 3

You will need pictures needed for your project saved to your camera roll. The app has a live video feature or you can use a video that was saved previously as long as it was filmed in front of a green screen.

You can find many free images at

Step 4

To use the app you will layer your images. Add your layers starting at the bottom. The top layer is usually the video of the student.
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How To Use All 3 layers in the Green Screen by Do Ink app on the iPad

Step 5

Save it! Share it!!

You can save easily to the camera roll. This app works great with SeeSaw! :-)

Join my Seesaw class as a student & share your work today.

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Let's have some sand box time!

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Brainstorm ideas for how you can use this

Exit Ticket

Add your ideas to the poster or to the Padlet for how you can use this with your class.

Do Ink- Green Screen Training - (IT credit)

Monday, Oct. 17th, 3:15-4:15pm

Kline Whitis Maker Space

Come by the Maker Space as soon as you can after school and we'll play with the green screen. 1 hour of IT credit will be awarded.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.