The White Tiger

By: Malak Jermi

Scientific Name:

Panthera tigris tigris
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White tigers inhabit all across southeastern Russia and Asia


White tigers have not been reported to see in the wild since 1950s. The unique white coloration of its coat exposes it against potential predators since it becomes difficult for it to hide. They are normally found in most parts of the India. White tigers build their habitats in mangrove swamps, tropical rainforests, moist jungles, and in places where the freshwater is abundant

How does the White Tiger interact with other organisms in it's enviorment? What is it's Niche?

The white tiger is a solitary animal. The niche of the tiger, regardless of its colour, is that of a top predator. Tigers have no natural enemies

  • they hunt other animals for food, and nothing hunts them except Humans
  • White tigers primarily prey on ungulates with a weight up to 65 – 2,000 pounds (30 – 900 kg). They are known to consume as much as 40 pounds (18 kg) a meal in a single time after which they won’t eat for quite a few days.

What Makes White Tigers White?

The white fur is associated with a weakened immune system and other genetic problems. White tigers are not albino. A white tiger's unusual color is caused by a recessive gene that suppresses expression of the pigment pheomelanin; and, that pigment is normally responsible for red and yellow coloring. Some white tigers also carry a gene that makes their stripes very pale.

Why is it Endangered? How did it become endangered? Hoe did the carrying capacity of it's enviorment change?

  • excessive deforestation
  • cutting down of timber, the population faced a drastic decline in the wild.
  • Hunted for Fur
  • Hunted for bones (Chinese use bones for medical purposes (though they have no proven medicinal value at all)
  • genetic condition called leucism is passed on by recessive genes, meaning that two tigers which carry the gene must mate, and both must pass on the leucistic gene to the offspring in order for that offspring to be white
  • Most white cubs born will be killed by predator because they are young and vulnerable, since they lack the natural camouflage of normally coloured tiger their color makes them stand out as an obvious target.
  • Those that do make it to adulthood have a hard time hunting for the same reason - their colour makes it easier for their prey to see them coming.
  • Farmers kill them to preserve livestock
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Future Prognosis

White tigers are members of this depleting species of tiger, with a population of less than 133 in the world, all of which are confined to life in captivity. The Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio has the highest population, though the lineage derives completely from India. if this continues the white tiger will be extinct