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February 9,2016

This month's newsletter will be highlighting the employee of the month, new health care benefits, company events ,and spotlighting new destinations.

Spotlight Destinations✈️

Employee of the month!!

Dina has done an amazing job of fulfilling her task this month. Everyday she has a positive attitude and gives a 120%! Congrats Dina and keep up the great work! :)

Have you gotten your new insurance cards?

We have rolled out new insurance cards! Plus, we have new health care benefits as well! Click the link below to go to our website if you have not gotten your insurance cards!

We are making united airlines even better!

Our goal is to make your flight with us a positive experience . We have added some things to make that happen. We would like to continue our high level of performance and make improvement wherever possible.
One improvement we made is permitting to board families before first class and elite passengers. Starting February 15th, families traveling with children under the age 3 will be able to board their flights before first class and elite passengers. We know having to get your kids strapped down and settled is difficult, especially with a row of other people leaning over your head. With this added we hope to make your flight a positive experience
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Who doesn't like free food ? Another thing we have added are free half ounce bag of crackers. While eating crackers you can enjoy more free entertainment options. For example movies, tv shows, and music in the main cabin. We also have given back two inches of legroom to make sure your comfortable during your flight ✈️
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Rodeo Team Building

Listen up tech team! Y'all have done such an amazing job lately. We want to reward you! As a group you all have the opportunity to go to the Houston Rodeo for two days. And it's during the week, so you can miss work! There is a fee for this event but it's a discounted group rate. We will have a schedule for you all so it will be well organized. We hope you will have an amazing time bonding with each other. There will be more information to come! Good job!
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