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The Murder In Greenwich Village Apartments By

greenwich village, new york 1954

A man named L.B. Jefferies, had recently discovered a murder within our apartments. as people went off their busy lives, Jeffries, a born new yorker and photographer, has been up late paying attention to my neighbors. when mrs.Thorwald was gone, he was the first know. before she left, Jeffries saw that mrs.Thorwald usually pretends to be ill and nags at her husband who seemed rather tired of it. he also has noticed mr.Thorwald has been making long distance calls and when seen by his wife bout it for the first, he quickly hung up.

soon she was gone, people saying she left on a trip but Jeffries saw details that would say otherwise. Lisa, a young lady who is interested in Jeffries, only added to his suspicions of murder by listing stereotypical information about women behavior.

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